Paris Hilton and 2AM arrive to celebrate Malaysia’s unaffordable property market

empire city party of the century

PETALING JAYA:  With the country on the brink of a possible economic crisis, property developer Empire City has wisely decided to host a lavish Party of the Century this evening to sell expensive luxury apartments ordinary debt-laden Malaysians can’t afford.

“Hey if Korean pop band 2AM, Taboo and Paris Hilton are attending the Empire City launch,  then this will be a wise investment,” said property purchaser Wai Hia Nao. “When the apartments are finally built, hopefully a few celebrities fly back to KL to help me quickly sell them!”

“It’s appropriate tonight’s party theme will be the glamorous 1920’s” said a party attendee,   “it’s not like history taught us the 20’s were immediately followed by a Great Depression.  These good times will go on and on!”

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