Manager of KL’s Beach Club Warns Opening Hooters Restaurants Will Hurt Malaysia’s Reputation


KUALA LUMPUR:  Last night, Sum Ting Wong a manager at Jalan P.Ramlee’s internationally famous Beach Club nightspot, joined a chorus of concerned groups opposing the opening of Malaysia’s first Hooters restaurant.

Hooters malaysia
Married men insist the food at Hooters is the main reason to dine there.

“It’s disgusting to see a business using the allure of sexy women to sell food and drinks,” said Wong opening his Beach Club bar.  “Men will always have strong desires, and in the presence of young attractive girls, can’t be held responsible for their actions!”

“Like Pembela chairman Mohamed Hafiz Mohd Nordin says, opening a Hooters Restaurant is a ploy to deliberately arouse anger in the community!  There is just no way authorities would ever allow such a sleazy place to operate in Malaysia!”

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