First Lady Rosmah’s Hair Apologises For Lavish Lifestyle

First Lady Malaysia hairdo

KUALA LUMPUR:  The Prime Minister’s wife’s power hairdo apologised to the nation today for insensitively sharing details of its extravagant lifestyle.

“We power hairdos enjoy a privileged jet-setting existence,” it said, “and it’s easy to lose touch and appear offensive to ordinary struggling Malaysians.  I had no idea so many people today have no choice but to do their own hair, buy clothes off the rack and even work for a living!”

Some weeks ago, the PM asked his wife’s hair to consider cutting back on its expenses.  It is rumored he has been sleeping on the sofa ever since.
Power hairdos require a lot of supervision.  This one ran off unsupervised to enjoy a lavish holiday in the 1960's.
Power hairdos like Rosmah’s require a lot of supervision. This one recently ran off to enjoy an expensive holiday in the 1960’s.

“The GST will affect all Malaysians regardless of income,” said the hairdo in closing, “but remember you can easily avoid it by doing most of your shopping overseas.  I can personally recommend Harrods of London and anywhere on 5th Avenue New York!”

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