When I said we should censor the Internet I didn’t mean me, says Dr M


CYBERSPACE:  Like a life form defending itself from attack, the Internet became self-aware this afternoon and blocked all access to Dr Mahathir’s popular blog.

“I suspected for some time technology such as my toaster and microwave were plotting a leadership challenge against me,” said Dr M in a statement to the print media, “But I had no idea they could collaborate with other online gadgets and prevent me from expressing my concerns about the source of the Prime Minister’s stepson’s wealth and 1MDB!

“Now that I have personally been blocked, I realise that censorship is only fun when it applies to other people.  Not my right to free expression!”

Despite his public outrage, Dr M is rumoured to be secretly in negotiations with technology startup SKYNET to construct a cybernetic robot body that will return him to the Prime Minister-ship for another 80 years.

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