Tun Mahathir Kicked Out Of UMNO Whatsapp Chat Group

Tun Dr Mahathir Whatsapp group
KUALA LUMPUR; In a move that has shocked party members across the country, former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad was removed from the UMNO senior leader whatsapp group chat last night.

“The Prime Minister didn’t mince words yesterday in Alor Star,” said a party spokesman, “this 1Malaysia government will not allow these “jemuan-jemuan” (bad characters) and apple-polishers to keep the government from spreading its message of tolerance!    Just because we are all about unity through diversity doesn’t mean we can’t kick out trouble makers!”

money fight
Traditionally, UMNO leader squabbles are settled quickly by having opponents throw money out of golden catapults from their private islands at one other however party officials have wisely suggested this be postponed given many Malaysians are angered enough already with the GST.
Dr M is wondering where the billions 1MDB are located.  These bomohs say the money is now New York Apartments in the sky, or yachts in the sea.
Dr M is wondering where the billions 1MDB borrowed disappeared to. These bomohs believe the lost money is now either luxury apartments in the sky, or yachts in the sea.

“Tun Mahathir has been removed from the UMNO Whatsapp group by the Admin and will not be permitted to rejoin until he learns to keep quiet,” said a spokesman, “we suffer enough criticism from the rakyat about 1MDB, why should we allow it from former party leaders?”

Upon learning of his whatsapp group expulsion, Tun Mahathir was overheard saying, “This is terrible!  Where am I going to get my jokes and cute kitten pictures now?”

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