PAS Kelantan: We Must Move Forward Into The Past Or Risk Being Left Behind


KOTA BARU:  In a bid to reverse the party’s dissatisfaction with their president, PAS leaders united today, and rode in on camel-back to announce their newest initiative.

“Today we join the Abbasid Caliphate (750-1517) as part of our new wawasan 1220 policy!” said a PAS strategist,  “We announced it on our Facebook page which is now a paper book our friends can stick their faces into and read!”

“Eight centuries ago, we enjoyed a Golden Age.  Advances in philosophy, science, and water pipe smoking were achieved by Muslims, and passing hudud law is the first step towards a bright future in the past!”

“One only has to look at crime free economic utopias such as Nigeria and Pakistan to know implementing hudud is a very good idea!” said a PAS spokesman by FMS (Falcon Message Service.)

“Thank goodness PAS has its priorities straight by getting tough on thieves with hudud,” said a flood victim, “I would hate someone to come to my house and steal my rubble!”

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