Opposition Leaders Can Avoid Sedition Arrest By Not Opposing Government Say Experts


KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Malaysia’s police force explained the reason sedition arrests only happen to opposition leaders is that they oppose the government and its policies.

“This is not selective prosecution,” said an enforcement expert, “it is the opposition who is causing trouble by opposing the government which is not what we expect an opposition to do.  If the opposition would only stop questioning and complaining by supporting the government our democracy would be in a lot better shape!”

“We need an agreeable, pro-government opposition.  They could really learn a thing or two from Barisan Nasional leaders.  They never say anything Seditious.  At least not something that can’t be cleared up with a quick phone call!

Police have confirmed they will continue to patrol social media to ease multi-racial tensions and preserve harmony.

“Just think of us as twitter referees that only ever ‘red card’ one side!”

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