PM Just As Good As A BMW Say Backbenchers


KUALA LUMPUR:  After suffering criticism from Tun Mahathir recently, today BN lawmakers came out in support of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak by claiming like Protons, he is just as good as a BMW.

“Unlike previous models, this 6 series luxury PM is packed with advanced features such as GST efficient funds injection, corruption impact protection, and the ability to handle sharp sedition repeal U-turns!” said a backbencher.

“This PM may hit a few speed bumps over his performance, but if his political engine is well lubricated with kickbacks we wont think to ask questions about 1MDB and Altantuyaa!”

Another supporter said, “With Najib around we in government are enjoying a very smooth ride, and like a BMW it comes with a hefty price tag Malaysians can only afford by getting into some serious debt!”

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