Jakim Entertainment Guidelines Expected To Attract More Silent Mimes To Malaysia

The famous 'mime in an invisible box' routine has yet to be cleared by authorities in case it is seen as lampooning Malaysia's enhanced sedition punishments.

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today fans of quiet performance theater rejoiced at the news that new Jakim guidelines will mean silent mime artists are to be the only performers allowed to entertain the nation.

“Performers need to dress decently, possess good character, not touch anyone, tell funny jokes or sing offensive lyrics when performing in Malaysia so silent mime acts should comply to the Jakim guidelines.” said a concert goer.

"Malaysians can expect to see classic mime routines such as 'walking against the wind', 'pulling on invisible rope', and  'dinner for one', so long as these exciting silent shows don't arouse the country's impressionable youth!"
Malaysians can look forward to classic mime routines such as ‘walking against the wind’, ‘pulling on invisible rope’, and ‘dinner for one’, so long as these exciting silent shows don’t arouse the nation’s impressionable youth!


The Home Ministry released a statement this evening, informing touring mime artistes they may not perform the famous ‘invisible box‘ mime act in Malaysia, as it could encourage protests against the Ministry’s tough sedition detainment laws.

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