Malaysian’s online Caucasian boyfriend turns out to be Caucasian

mat salleh

AMPANG:   A 42-year-old Malaysian woman was shocked to discover the Caucasian boyfriend she met on the internet, turned out to really be Caucasian.

“Walter said on Facebook he was a lonely civil engineer from Manchester who wanted to move here,” she said.

“When he said his iPhone camera and laptop weren’t working, I knew we couldn’t conference together and I got my hopes up dreaming he might be an exciting Nigerian ‘Bruno Mars’ lookalike instead of the plump middle-aged mat salleh in his profile.”

“The real Walter flew in last week.  He falls asleep at 10.30 each night, cries like a baby if he tastes anything with chilli, and wants me to sit with him when he watches Downton Abbey!”

“It’s such a shame.  I never thought he would really be as boring as he appeared online!”

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