Rumours fly after PM spotted with ‘gay umbrella’

PM umbrella2

KAMPUNG BARU:  Today Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak sent a subtle message in a photo on his own Facebook page where he appeared with what UMNO youth have previously identified as a homosexual umbrella.

“The PM is refusing to quit despite mounting criticism over his leadership,” said an analyst, “He knows his every move is being watched by enemies and supporters.  What could he be saying by doing this?”

“The rainbow-coloured umbrella represents lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride.  Using it could be a positive sign Malaysia will adopt ASEAN human rights conventions for LGBTs in Malaysia.”

“Gay umbrellas were also spotted at the March #Kitalawan rally for Anwar,” said another commentator, “Najib under a homo-brella could be warning Dr Mahathir if he doesn’t stop his 1MDB criticisms, the PM could form an alliance with Anwar and release him from prison!”

“The only other explanation is the PM used the umbrella to keep the rain off him, but that theory seems pretty farfetched to me!”

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