1MDB: PM to Probe Finance Minister In Special Two-Eyed Meeting

najib razak

PUTRAJAYA: Govt sources confirmed today, Prime Minister Najib Razak will attend a private two-eyed meeting with the Finance Minister to discuss ongoing problems with the heavily indebted 1MDB wealth fund.

“The PM knows ultimately the buck stops with him,” said a source, “but given 1MDB is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Finance, the Finance Minister must shoulder some responsibility for the rampant mismanagement of the nation’s funds.”

“Also attending the meeting will be 1MDB’s Chairman of the Board of Advisers as 1MDB was his idea, and was likely fully-aware of the fund’s unfortunate investment decisions.  The BN Chairman and president of UMNO will also sit in to weigh the damage 1MDB’s land sale to Tabung Haji did to the government’s credibility.”

Political transparency watchers were impressed with the move, “Hopefully with these great minds attending the two-eyed meeting we may soon learn ultimately who is responsible for this costly 1MDB train wreck!”

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