Former MAS bosses admit staff retrenchments giving them sleepless nights on their money beds

MAS ceo money bed

MALAYSIA:  Today the MAS cronies and retired bosses that ran the struggling airline into the ground, confessed to moments of sleeplessness in their money beds, thinking about the soon to be laid off airline workers.

“Life will be hard for these 6,000 retrenched employees,” said a retired MAS CEO, “they have families, cars and home loans that they soon wont be able to afford.   Unlike us well-connected tycoons, they won’t be bailed out by the government during difficult times!”

“In the 90’s it made sense to sign outrageous contracts for RM70 nasi lemaks, and route empty Boeing planes to unpopular destinations at the request of clueless politicians,” reminisced a former airline board member, “no matter how stupid we were, we always thought the government would pump in a few billion every other year to keep MAS going, but now it seems the well has dried up!”

“It was fun at MAS while it lasted but sadly, it’s the staff now who pay the price for us managers who forgot running a commercial airline is not the same as a government department!”

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