Women Wont Tempt Men If They Learn To Control Their Fashion Wearing Desires

Ridhuan Tee

KUALA LUMPUR:  Women’s expert Ridhuan Tee Abdullah caused an uproar this week after saying women should not complain if their attire invites harassment.

“Women need to learn to control themselves,” said a source close to Tee, “there is just no excuse for buying and wearing attractive fashionable clothing that reminds men that you have bodies!”

“Some fashion crimes are impulsive when ladies shop at malls, but others are premeditated,” he said, “women often stalk a pretty dress on sale during several shopping trips before they finally lose control and buy it!”

Women have an instinctual desire to buy attractive new fashions, but they must keep these primal shopping urges under control to stop men who aren’t responsible for their actions.


A very attractive women models a new  line of 'camouflage couture' which the disigner claims is 100% rape proof so long as the wearer does not smell nice.
A strikingly attractive women models a new 2015 line of ‘camouflage couture’ which the male designer claims is 100% harassment proof (assuming the wearer does not move to another room, speak, or wear perfume.)
Retailers insist expecting shops to 'cover up' to stop women buying rape clothing is not the answer.
Retailers insist ‘covering up’ shop display windows to stop women buying provocative clothing is not the answer as their attraction to fashionable outfits are just too strong.

A spokesman from the Malaysian Retail Fashions Association was outraged by Tee’s comments,  “So do Malaysians now expect retailers to cover up shop store windows just because some women can’t control their impulses for rape clothing?  We retail stores should have the right to dress our storefronts as we please!  It’s up to women to control their desires for alluring fashions and not make excuses that others should cover up!”

“We don’t know why women commit fashion crimes, “said a man, “but amorous males shouldn’t feel persecuted because women can’t control themselves!  We need women to take full responsibility for their actions, because we men can’t!”

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