Nation Protected From Sarawak Report Lies For The Seconds It Takes To Find A VPN Workaround


PUTRAJAYA:  Last night, the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Communications Commission (MCMC) requested Internet providers block whistleblower website The Sarawak Report safeguarding the nation from its lies for the valuable seconds it takes to find ways around it.

“It’s hard enough keeping up with the lies and counter lies about 1MDB,” said a Malaysian, “now I have to waste valuable seconds to learn about blocked website workarounds like this Free VPN or installing the anonymous TOR browser so I can continue to be misinformed by Clare Rewcastle Brown!”



Utusan editors agree it’s best to block the Sarawak Report saying there’s no room in Malaysia for irresponsible media publishing unsubstantiated false stories.


“It’s clever the government blocked the Sarawak Report,” said a keyboard warrior, “once something is banned, people lose all interest in it, like we all did with 50 Shades of Grey, Ultraman, porn sites and bittorrent!”


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