Web Designing 1MDB Forger Has Plastic Surgery To Resemble UK Railways Employee


LONDON:   Today it was revealed diabolical web designer James Steward Stephen, who had been forging 1MDB documents on behalf of the Sarawak Report had gone deep undercover by having his face surgically altered to resemble a UK Network Rail employee.


When he’s not advocating Railway safety in the UK, “Jame Steward” is secretly plotting to discredit the Malaysian government!

“I think many observers will think this casts doubt on Lester Melanyi’s bulletproof testimony that Sarawak Report’s 1MDB revelations are all lies,” said an expert, “but the fact this forger has taken a new identity is irrefutable proof of a secret conspiracy to smear the government!”

A concerned Malaysian was stunned by the latest revelations, “I’m getting so tired of reading all these allogations and counter allogations, I feel like throwing my hands up and not thinking about 1MDB anymore!”

“Hey wait!  Maybe that’s exactly what someone wants me to think!”

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