MACC says RM2.6Bil from kindhearted donors interfering in our democracy


MALAYSIA:  Last night, the MACC officers not detained for trying to leak information, confirmed the RM2.6bil channeled into Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s account was not from 1MDB, but generous donations from wealthy people influencing our democracy.

“The PM has said the money was not for his personal use, so it all must have gone to UMNO,” said a Malaysian, ”the cash was obviously used to keep the gears of our political machinery moving in the last general election.”

“It’s a relief the RM2.6billion might have come come from a charitable billionaire.  Kind people probably put billions into the Prime Minister’s personal bank account because the normal UMNO accounts were too full already.   Fortunately, when people make huge donations like this, they do it from the kindness of their hearts and never expect anything in return!”

“The fact the money came from overseas, might mean it came from a generous foreigner!” said a political watcher, “the PM might have a problem with foreign journalists like the Sarawak Report interfering, but foreign donors are always welcome if they bring their cheque books!”

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