My Next PM Will Come With A 5-Year 150,000KM Warranty Promises Dr M


KUALA LUMPUR: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, today apologised to the nation for the poorly received Prime Ministerial flops that succeeded him and promised like the Proton Iriz, his next PM will come with a 5 year, 150,000km on the road warranty.

“I do my best to manufacture Prime Ministers to world standards,” the former premier admitted, “but clearly I didn’t do proper quality testing, causing problems with these new leaders down the road.”

Many believe this PM could have been a great success, however Dr M insists rear end collisions made this model unroadworthy.

Abdullah was a popular PM model but had problems with its starter engine and often stalled in parliament.

najib razak
The Najib PM has extraordinarily high running costs, particularly at election time. Many believe this model should be scrapped immediately.

The Najib PM comes with an air bag, however many drivers wonder if it is worth the extra cost.

DPM Muhyiddin
Much to Tun M’s dismay, product development for the Muhyiddin has stalled for the moment, with no official launch date.

“As a Doctor I know how to identify the disease that causes these failed leaders,” said Tun M in closing, “when you’re sick you need an injection. A good RM5 billion cash injection will help develop a perfect national leader. Believe me all it takes to fix this is a little more money!”

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