PM’s supporters to Dollah: Don’t take responsibility and resign. Set up a task force!

dollah salleh.jpg

PUTRAJAYA:   Malaysian politicians close to the PM were in shock this morning after news broke Malaysia’s football coach Dollah Salleh took full responsibility for Harimau Malaya’s 10-0 world cup qualifier loss and actually resigned.

“I don’t think owning up to poor performance and stepping down is the Malaysian culture,” said a pro-Najib supporter, “at least it’s not in our political culture.  If we Ministers took responsibility and quit every time we did a lousy job, many of us wouldn’t be here!”

“I would recommend Dollah set up his own task force to investigate himself for a year or two.  Failing that you can always blame the Chinese, Jews or the world economy.  But you never resign for screwing up.  Ever.”

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