Enraged by local football fans, Saudi donor demands RM2.6bil refund

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JEDDAH:  Malaysia’s anonymous, possibly royal, Saudi political donor, was so angered by our poor football sportsmanship last night, he has demanded Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak give him a full refund, it was revealed today.

“When I saw those Malaysian football thugs throwing flares and punching Saudi supporters, I thought, ‘this is not how brotherly nations should treat each other!’  I’m seriously wondering why I helped the Government win the last election and fight Isis by putting RM2.6billion in the PM’s personal account!”

Malaysians recall the 'good old days' when football was peaceful and Bersih rallies required riot police
Malaysians miss the ‘good old days’ when football crowds were peaceful and Bersih rallies required riot police.

“I would like my donation back immediately!  Saudi Arabia has its own deficit crisis with falling foreign reserves and a low oil price.   Our returned US$700million donation would be very helpful.   I believe it works out to be RM3.015 billion at current exchange rates!”

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