World First! Indonesian IT researchers upload Malaysia into the cloud

Malaysia Haze

MALAYSIA:  In a display of technological brilliance, Sumatra based IT start-up, Indo Telekomunikhazi uploaded neighboring Malaysia into the cloud this week.

Company director, Volt Megawatti told FMN, “Before today, it was a nightmare to keep life’s devious devices in sync, but now all Malaysians can breathe a sigh of smoke filled relief!”

Living in the cloud is the perfect way to access all your lifestyle anywhere in Malaysia
Living in the cloud is the perfect way to access your lifestyle anywhere in Malaysia
Telekomunikhazi engineers back up some life sustaining critical data by burning it up onto the cloud
In Sumatra, Indo Telekomunikhazi engineers back up critical life sustaining data by burning it onto the cloud
HAZE Malaysia
“Indonesians have deployed fart logic to allay blame for the haze insisting ‘he who smelt it, dealt it!”
‘Sumatra Forest Clearing’ vape juice always sells poorly this time of year given Malaysians can enjoy it for free simply by going outside!

“Perhaps this is what we need,” said a Malaysian, “for no matter what race, religion, tee shirt colour or political affiliation we have or are, today we stand together and breathe in our haze!”

“This cloud fills my lungs with smoke, and my heart with hope!”

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