PM Sues The World

PM vs the world

KUALA LUMPUR:  In a landmark legal case, today lawyers representing Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak filed a suit against the planet.

“The PM believes he is a victim of a global conspiracy to topple him from power,” said a lawyer representing the embattled leader,  “given the difficulty suing the Wall Street Journal, Al Jazeera, Fairfax Australia, The New York Times, Sarawak Report and numerous other international journalists, jews and 1MDB investigators individually, we have been instructed to sue the entire world to minimise the PM’s legal costs!”

Comparing himself Iraq's much loved Saddam Hussein the PM says an international coalition is trying to topple him.
The world is doing its best to stop the PM serving the rakyat.


The PM has said not to believe things about him appearing on social media. The warning confused many party loyalists who shared it on Facebook and Twitter.
The PM has told Malaysians not to believe what they read on social media. Ironically, the warning was widely shared on Facebook and Twitter.


After learning Australia removed their unpopular PM Tony Abbott, Tun Mahathir has suggested Malaysia adopt a 'look down under' policy.
After learning Australia toppled their unpopular PM Tony Abbott, Tun Mahathir has said Malaysia must adopt a ‘look down under’ policy.


A newspaper owned by the government and run by government supporters fear that this blogger may be biased in its reporting.
NST, a newspaper owned by the government and run by government supporters, fear journalists critical of the PM may be biased in their reporting.


Recently, a mysterious elderly UMNO member tried to topple the PM. Some believe he is currently hiding in the Deputy PM's imagination.
A mysterious elderly UMNO member was identified plotting to topple Najib last month.  After failing to meet the PM, many believe he is currently hiding in the DPM’s imagination.

“The timing of all these investigations into the PM’s activities is highly suspicious,” said a pro-Najib supporter, “Why investigate things the PM may have done only after you find evidence he has done them?  It seems too much of a coincidence to ignore!”

“Should the High Court order the world to pay damages, the amount is likely to run into the trillions,” confirmed a lawyer,  “we suggest the PM bank it offshore to avoid onerous Bank Negara regulations!”


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