Too many Malaysians ‘livin on a prayer’ to hear it played live, Bon Jovi told

Bon Jovi Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR:  Just days before his concert at Merdeka stadium, local entertainment authorities have told Bon Jovi’s tour manager to consider local sensitivities and not perform ‘livin on a prayer’ in Malaysia.

“We know the song is quite famous, but we have a lot of struggling Malaysians actually livin on a prayer right now,” said lyrical sensitivity expert Dr Abdullah Bin Bakar,  “Tommy worked on the docks and sold his six string, but there are plenty of Malaysian ‘Tommys’ nowhere near ‘half way there’ with personal loans, haze health issues and street protest fatigue that Bon Jovi’s Tommy never had to contend with! ”

“And Gina works in the diner all day, but there are thousands of university graduated ‘Malaysian Ginas’ who can only find low paying unskilled jobs!   With the ringgit at 17 year lows and the GST, do they need to hear songs romanticising what it’s like to be young and broke?”

Officials green lit the Bon Jovi concert once they were convinced it was not a rally to topple the government.
Officials green lit the Bon Jovi concert upon learning it was not a rally to topple the government.
Luckily for Bon Jovi ticket holders,  ‘bad medicine’ was cleared for Saturday’s concert playlist after it was explained to officials the song was not a critique of Malaysia’s economic policies.



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