For Unauthorised Photo Use, Amanah Publicist Sentenced To One Year Following Felixia Yeap Online

felixia yeap

PETALING JAYA:  Today an Amanah youth wing PR member was punished for using unauthorised photos of Felixia Yeap in a political meme by being forced to read and like everything she posts on Facebook for one year.

Current click bait media laws we will need to be reminded that Felixia was a playboy model until she is 50 years old.
Despite her embracing Islam, current click bait media laws require we always be reminded Felixia used to be a playboy model until she 50 years old.


“We had good intentions featuring Felixia as an example of how Islam shouldn’t be racist,” said Amanah PR Manager, Rashid Bin Abdullah, “but I should have asked for permission before posting her picture!”

“So as punishment, I now know what lace Felixia fancies, the Hijab designer she is currently promoting, the cafes she dines in,  and the skin whitening creme that makes her face glow like that.  It’s a very harsh punishment for a first offense!”

A spokesman for the hijab model said, “Amanah have no business exploiting Felixia, that’s her job!”


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