Rice on leaf tastier than rice on plate, say Experts

rice on leaf

MALAYSIA:  Rice eaten off a real banana leaf tastes much better than rice served on plastic plates it was revealed today.

The findings came about after exhaustive research was conducted in numerous mixed rice outlets across the country.

“Rice served on plastic dishes contain traces of melamine resins and dirty soap water that leeches into the rice,” said lead scientist Dr Hua Yu,  “it will certainly give you a bit of a high, however banana leaves contain traces of bugs and pesticide residues to produce a far superior, almost euphoric dining experience!”

Researchers also confirmed there’s no point going for banana leaf anywhere in Bangsar besides Sri Nirvana Maju Restaurant because it’s always full and difficult to get a table there.

fake banana leaf
Eating rice from a fake plastic banana leaf may save a few trees, but afterwards you may feel dead inside.


Regular diner Abdullah Bin Bakar had reservations with the scientific findings but couldn’t ignore how banana leaves made his instagram meal pics look better.

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