Penangites Reassured Despite Budget Funding Snub They Can Still Pay Tax

budget 2016 penang

PENANG: Today Penang residents expressed their disappointment with Budget 2016 after it was revealed the state did not receive any development funding.

“Penang is a major economic hub and a major tourist attraction,” said a local resident, “even if its residents have elected a non-BN government, why should it be overlooked?”

“The government hasn’t completely snubbed Penang in its federal development programmes,” said a Finance Ministry source, “Penang residents are still fully authorised by the government to pay higher road tolls and other taxes!”

“The projected RM six billion tax revenue from Penang will be used to sure up BN support in other states through targeted handouts and strategic development projects.  Penang may not get any development funding, but residents can still be a big part of budget 2016 by funding it!”

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