Najib Quashes Succession Rumours By Appointing Himself Deputy PM


PUTRAJAYA:   In a shrewd political move, government sources reported today Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak plans to appoint himself Deputy PM to end rumours he will be toppled soon.

“It’s no secret Muhyiddin and Zahid remain contenders, and either man will block the other’s attempts to become PM!” said a political commentator, “with numerous scandals and Najib’s popularity plumbing new depths, a leadership coup could happen any moment!”

“The PM desperately needs a deputy who is 100% loyal, and devoted to keeping him in charge.  Najib appointing himself Deputy PM has became the logical choice to preserve stability.”

“Even with a new loyal Deputy by his side, the PM won’t be having an easy time of it,” said an UMNO source,  “Deputy PM Najib Razak will still be ambitious, waiting in the wings, publicly pledging loyalty while secretly plotting with his supporters.   The possibility still remains Deputy Najib could overthrow himself to take over as nation’s leader!”

“This is why Najib can never relax. A successful PM must master the art of boldly looking forward while checking over his shoulder at the same time!”

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