Hindus Say Ministry Shopping Cart Guidelines Must Include Beef-Free Supermarket Trolleys

hindu supermarket trolley

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today representatives from Malaysia’s Indian community demanded the Health Ministry shopping cart guidelines include segregated Hindu beef-free supermarket trolleys in addition to the proposed halal trolleys.

“Like Muslims, maginalised Hindu supermarket shoppers also suffer from food trolley worries,” said Suresh Govind of Malaysia Hindu Sangam’s Grocery Cart Sensitivities Faction.

“What if cow meat products touch the trolleys we use?” Govind said in a statement, “should Hindus allow cashiers who have handled beef to touch our groceries?   The Health Ministry should order supermarkets to introduce dedicated beef-free Hindu checkouts alongside the halal and non-halal ones!”

Vegetarian Hindu Sangam members have not ruled out lobbying for their own meat-free shopping carts, a move Govind said would produce a uniquely 1Malaysian ‘unity in supermarket aisle diversity’ shopping experience.

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