Cigarette smugglers give thumbs up to Johor vape ban

vape ban

JOHOR:  Today the nation’s cigarette smugglers welcomed the royal decree by Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar to ban vaping in Johor.

“The Sultan is correct.  This vaping obsession has been terrible for my rice bowl’s health!” admitted contraband smuggler Kid Kang Kung.

“In 2012, my wife and I invested all our savings to start a cigarette smuggling business.  We bought a 200-horsepower boat, foreign cigarette stocks, and we paid off the Marine police.  We lost everything once the vaping craze hit.”

“With a pack of legal cigarettes hitting RM18, we should be doing well now, but the vaping craze wiped us out!  Nobody thinks of the livelihoods of hardworking contraband smugglers!   Hopefully next year we can get back on our feet!”

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