No check-in bags to Europe: Passengers help MAS save even more fuel by flying Etihad

MAS flight

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today Malaysian Airlines passengers destined for Europe helped the carrier save jet fuel by not only not-checking their own luggage, but also by putting themselves on other carriers.

“These European headwinds are very serious,” said a MAS spokesman, “fortunately they stopped affecting our London flights once we remembered how profitable that route is.  As for Amsterdam and Paris, the lighter the plane, the more fuel we save so please only bring hand luggage!”

However loyal MAS traveler Abdullah bin Bakar said he could do more to assist the troubled airline,  “if my only option with MAS is to fly to Paris in Winter with a a 7kg carry on,  I can help them save even more fuel by flying Etihad.  It’s the very least I could do!”

Travelers tip: If you're headed to Amsterdam in winter and you can only take a carry on bag, be sure to wear two weeks of clothing on the plane.
TRAVELERS TIP: If you’re flying MAS to Europe this winter and you can’t check in a suitcase, try wearing the two weeks of clothing you will need on the plane.

A MAS spokesman welcomed  the news of these Etihad airline flying, fuel saving initiatives.  He said in a statement that flying nobody to Europe was good practice for next month when these routes are scrapped.

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