North Korea claims to have built a Malaysian roti bom

Kim Jong Un

PYONGYANG:  Today North Korea’s Supreme Leader King Jong-Un announced in a broadcast it has developed the capability to build a Malaysian roti bom.   Washington based Malaysian diplomats have been called in to explain the situation to US officials.

“Let this be a warning to the United States,” said a North Korean central news anchor, “we will not tolerate Obama’s provocations.  When the world sees our glorious roti bom it will strike terror into the hearts of our enemies!”


roti bom
Enterprising Malaysians secretly sold North Korea detailed roti bom plans sometime last year.


Despite recent tensions King Jong-Un recently welcomed the PM into the Supreme Leader club once the National Security Council Bill passed.
North Korea has admitted to being impressed with Malaysia’s recently passed National Security Council Bill with King Jong-Un personally welcoming our PM into the Supreme Leader’s club.

“The North Koreans having roti bom technology is troubling,” said a Malaysian Culinary Secrets spokesman, “everyone remembers Kim Jong-Un’s swiss cheese obsession created international supply shortages.  If he starts stockpiling now, world roti bom stocks could fall and all Malaysians will suffer!”

“For now, I suggest we wait.  It’s possible Pyongyang are lying about their roti bom.  Let’s see if they can show evidence of a successful test lunch!”

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