After benign growth removed, what’s left of PM pledges full loyalty to his leadership

najib razak

PUTRAJAYA:  Today, the remaining parts still attached to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak swore to fully support him after a benign growth was removed from his hand at HKL yesterday.

“That benign growth spent years enjoying all the perks and privileges of being close to Prime Minister,” said his spleen, “he was a bit of a ‘hanger on.’  For it to be removed so suddenly, one can only guess it was not fully behind his leadership and asking too many questions about 1MDB.

“The benign growth once told me it knew nothing about the PM’s RM2.6billion donation, but I don’t see how that is possible seeing up until now they were inseparable!

“On behalf of the remaining parts still attached to the PM, we pledge to support him fully without question from now on.  We’d hate to be cut off suddenly and lose out on this cushy lifestyle!

“What’s left of the PM should take this sudden growth removal as fair warning,” said an UMNO party leadership body parts analyst, “Najib won’t tolerate disloyalty, even from bits of himself!”

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