Nazir: I cried more watching Deadpool than Ola Bola!

nizar deadpool

GARDENS MID VALLEY:  Only days after local movie Ola Bola had brought him to tears, Datuk Seri Nazir Razak was seen emerging teary-eyed out of a late night Deadpool screening.

“Is this what passes for entertainment in Malaysia these days?” he lamented on an Instagram post, “What has happened to the ‘good old’ super heroes I loved as a boy?”

“We need movies that inspire Malaysians about men flying with capes or sticking to walls, not potty mouthed, ultra violent, burn victims.   Is there a camera behind the screen?  Deadpool kept talking like he could see me sitting in the theater!”

Witnesses say Deadpool star Gina Carano reminded Nizar of a Malaysian strong woman that gives him nightmares.
Experts believe another reason Nizar hated Deadpool was because starring actress Gina Carano resembled a local big haired strong woman haunting his dreams.

“I’m done watching ‘clever’ movies that push my buttons,” wrote Nizar closing his post, “from now on, I’m sticking with the classics, like Jane Austin.  I hear her new ‘Pride, Prejudice & Zombies’ movie opens this week!”

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