PM confident Bung will soon be well enough to offend someone

Bung Prime Minister

PETALING JAYA:  After PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s visit yesterday, doctors reassured relatives and supporters of Bung Muktar that it won’t be long until the Kinabatangan MP will be well enough to say something offensive.

“Bung is recuperating after his kidney transplant and is in good spirits,” said Dr. Abdullah Bakar at Prince Court Medical Centre, “we’ve observed the MP is making sarcastic faces at his nurses, but until his strength returns, Bung isn’t able to say anything to upset them just yet.”

“Give Bung a few weeks, and I’m certain he’ll make some racist or sexist remarks that prove he’s OK.  The MP just needs a little time before he’s back doing what he does best!”

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