Galaxy S7 owner impressed it took longer to drown phone than he thought


PETALING JAYA:  Proud Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge owner Kevin Yu, rushed home from the KLCC product launch this morning, eager to preform his own in house testing on his new Korean gadget.  He was delighted to discover the water resistant handphone took longer for him to drown than he expected.

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“The Galaxy S7 Edge was fine after pouring water on it in the sink,” confirmed Kevin, “But I did notice when Uncle called me after the S7 spent 20 minutes in the fish tank, I couldn’t hear him properly.”

“In the end I got frustrated the phone was still working and popped open the SD compartment underwater.  That seems to have finally done the trick and drowned it!”

“I’m impressed.  The Galaxy S7 Edge will definitely be my next phone once I save enough to buy another unit.  For now I’ll go back to my old S4!”


Technology experts believe this exciting new generation of water resistant handphones will satisfy users who drop devices into toilets and don’t mind putting them near their faces once they’ve been in pee.

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