JAWI Raids Pusat Sains Negara For Turning Gay

gay building

BUKIT KIARA: This morning, Federal Territories Islamic Affairs Department (JAWI) authorities raided a science museum whose recent renovations indicate the building is ‘coming out.’

“Pusat Sains Negara might think its colourful displays are a building’s natural expressions of its ‘true self’ however flamboyant renovations like this encourage vice,” warned a JAWI spokesman.   “What if drive-by commuters and museum visitors are inspired to adopt forbidden lifestyles after seeing this building?”

Science museum restoration experts say the centre’s rainbow display is more about teaching children about refracted light than making a gay statement despite JAWI insisting otherwise.

Malaysians are reminded adopting more than 2 primary colours on a building facade is now an offense under section 2 of the recently amended Homosexual Structures Criminal Offenses Act.

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