Public Reminded To Avoid Money Games Not Cleared By Attorney General

jho low

PETALING JAYA:  Today officials warned Malaysians to avoid shady ‘get rich quick’ money games involving the transfer of money from suckers to the operators of such schemes unless they had been cleared of all wrongdoing by the Attorney-General.

“Many of these ‘too good to be true’ investments promise overnight fortunes,” said a consumer protection analyst, “but as with all pyramid schemes, the big bucks are made by an elite few at the top, while the poor fools below finance their lavish lifestyles.”

“If you discover an exotic-sounding investment scheme that promises huge unrealistic returns overnight, do the smart thing and hang onto your cash.   However, in the case of a certain Attorney-General approved international wealth fund involving billion dollar settlements to Abu Dhabi petroleum investment funds, taxpayers may find themselves having to ‘invest’ money into it whether they like it or not!”

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