Malaysian Student Says $4.6mil Found In Her Account A Gift For Fighting Isis


SYDNEY:  Today a Malaysian student apprehended while trying to board a flight to KL told authorities she thought the $4.6million mistakenly credited into her personal account was her reward for fighting Isis.

“I flamed Isis several times on FB and Twitter,” said 21-year-old Christine Jiaxin Lee, “I then assumed some generous Saudi royal gave the $4.6mil as a token of appreciation!”

“We can’t call this theft because the bank donated the $4.6mil without conditions,” explained Lawyer So Su Mee,  “Lee never questioned how the money got to her and did what any honourable Malaysian would do with sudden unexplained wealth, spend it lavishly to boost one’s popularity!”

Upon hearing of her likely release, the Malaysian PM’s office expressed an interest in retaining Ms Lee as a consultant.

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