Risk Of Losing Limbs Under Hudud Will Make Criminals Change, Say People Still Riding Escalators


NATION:  Today Malaysians who continued to ride escalators despite recent incidents confirmed the threat of losing a limb will make criminals change their thieving ways.

“Once a robber sees pictures of hudud limb amputations on social media, it is going to affect what they do, “said a mother with her kids walking past several elevators to ride a rickety mall escalator.

“This is why hudud punishments work as deterrents, because we never think bad things only happen to other people,” said a father on the Miri airport escalator, “people take the risk of losing limbs very seriously!”

Despite outcry from non-Muslims, the Kelantan PAS government confirmed it has strong support to make 2Malaysians who are caught stealing, into 1Malaysians.

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