RM500 Aidilfitri Assistance For Civil Servants To Come From Government’s Own Money

najib razak aidilfitri

PUTRAJAYA:  Today, the nation’s 1.6million civil servants welcomed the PM’s announcement they will receive a special RM500 financial assistance payout for Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

The government was quick to confirm the special assistance that will go to civil servants and also pensioners, will come from government money, and not from taxpayer money as previously thought.

“Like Langkawi MP Datuk Nawawi Ahmad’s salary, funds paid to civil servants is not taxpayer money, but comes from the government’s own money” a source confirmed.

“When you receive the government’s money, you should be grateful and loyal to the government, as opposed to wild theories where the government and its employees owe the rakyat something because their source of revenue ultimately comes from the people.”

It is expected the financial assistance coming from government money, will ease the burden of civil servants struggling to afford the GST, or as it is known in Putrajaya, government money.

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