Balik Kampung Traffic Will Be As Smooth As LGE’s Corruption Probe, Hopes Transport Ministry


MALAYSIA:  Transport ministry officials today reassured balik kampung motorists that everything possible was being done to ensure their journey home would be as quick and uninterrupted as the MACC investigation into Lim Guan Eng’s bungalow purchase.

“Sometimes I like to think of each balik kampung motorist as its own little corruption investigation,” joked 2nd Transport Minister, Hu Yu Hai Ding, “cars like MACC probes sometimes get stuck in jams or their drivers have to retire due to ‘health reasons,’ but sometimes like opposition investigations, the odd car can get to where its going faster than anyone expects!”

“If you are driving out of KL this weekend, buckle up and stay out of the emergency lanes.  If you’re careful, your balik kampung will be as fast as LGE’s journey through our judicial system!”

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