KL Invaded By Foreigners Who Do Jobs We’d Rather Not Do


KUALA LUMPER: Today, the few Malaysians that didn’t ‘balik kampung’ out of KL, expressed shock at the masses of foreign workers hanging around the CBD as they do every raya.

“Is this KL or Dhaka?” lamented a real Malaysian, “they should all be sent home, provided no one makes me or my loved ones do the cheap work they do in our restaurants, plantations and construction sites!”

“We’re only in KL for lunch because our Indonesian maid who normally cooks isn’t working today!” said another real Malaysian, “the Nepalese guards will protect our house from foreign burglars while we’re getting our favorite nasi kandar.   They have a smiling Bangladeshi waiter who always brings us extra ladies fingers!”

The Home Ministry is currently studying a proposal that prohibits migrant workers from assembling in places where the locals to foreigner ratios are likely to hit uncomfortable levels.

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