Malaysia Offers To Help France Bake Better Croissants


MALAYSIA:  Today a SE Asian country offered to teach France how to bake delicious croissants in addition to sharing its solutions to the worldwide threat of terrorism.

“Malaysia has had Delifrance restaurants operating in the country for some years now,” said sources close to Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, “the franchise was so successful they had nothing left to prove and closed most of their outlets down.  There isn’t much about pastries and croissants that we Malaysian experts don’t already know.”

It is understood the DPM’s favorite recipe for tuna mayonnaise croissant with cilisos has been offered to France along with our procedures for tackling terrorism.

Zahid is expected to finish up his Mongolian working visit once he has finished teaching the Eskimos living there all about snow.

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