Nigeria Says It’s Foreign Meddling When Malaysian Police Investigate Their Suspicious Citizens Here


KUALA LUMPUR: Today foreign affairs spokesman Mr Johnathon Goodbye Goodluck, from the Nigerian High Commission, said Malaysian police had no business investigating suspicious Nigerian citizens in KL and were regarded as ‘foreign meddlers’ by their democratic government back home in Lagos.

“Nigeria agrees with Wanita Umno chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil,” said Goodluck in a statement, “Foreign law enforcement officials shouldn’t investigate suspicious foreigners doing things in their own country. Only law enforcement from Malaysia can investigate 1MDB, and only Nigerian police can investigate criminal activities involving Nigerians in Kuala Lumpur.”

“While our suspects in Malaysia may not have the same privileges as the 1MDB money launderers, it does embarrass Nigeria when they are publicly probed for criminal activity.  Malaysian police should stand down and let Nigerian law enforcement clear them of all charges.”

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