1MDB: Lawyers Deny Seeing Hillary, Hoping To Meet ‘US Democratic Party Nominee 1’


PHILADELPHIA:  Today on the sidelines of the US Democratic Party convention, sources close to Malaysian lawyer Tan Sri Muhammad Shaffee Abdullah, slammed rumours that government backed lawyers were hoping to secretly meet with Hillary Clinton to avoid further 1MDB fallout from DoJ prosecution.

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Source of the misinformation was traced to reputed American lawyer, author and financial commentator Jim Rickards.


“There’s no truth to the idea the government is secretly sending ‘bagmen’ to bribe Hillary Clinton, what we’re really in the US to do is make a friendly campaign donation to ‘US Democratic Party Nominee 1.'”

“Sadly despite all our efforts, we haven’t secured the appointment we all flew here for, because US Democratic Party Nominee 1 hasn’t yet replied to our meeting requests.”

“That’s the thing about Democratic Party Nominee 1.   She’s really bad with her emails!”

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