Restaurant caught giving Sydney authentic taste of Malaysian foreign worker exploitation

Mamak Sydney

SYDNEY:  The manager of a popular Malaysian eatery in Sydney’s Chinatown, today claimed their practice of underpaying employees was part of their dedication to offering an authentically Malaysian Mamak experience to their Aussie diners.

“We paid our workers only A$11 an hour instead of the A$17 they were legally entitled to as part of our commitment to preserve a truly Malaysian image,” said restaurant manager, Sum Ting Wong,  “as with our wealth funds, nothing says Malaysia like covering up suspicious financial transactions, especially when dealing with foreign regulators like Australia’s Fair Work Ombudsman.”

“After paying almost A$300k in fines, we will keep trying to make Mamak in Sydney like the ones back home, but there’s nothing quite like delicious Malaysian street food, cooked and served by lowly-paid workers on 17-hour shifts is there?”

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