Strawberry Haze On The Way Following Sumatra Vape Juice Drop

strawberry haze

NATION:  Malaysian and Indonesian owned palm oil producers today announced thanks to a strategic partnership with a local vape juice manufacturer, the country can look forward to breathing a creamier, strawberry-tinged haze cloud this season.

“I think we can all agree there isn’t any political will to stop annual haze burning, so why not add a little flavour?” explained Hia Today Plantations spokesman, Kevin Yap, “our first 5,000 litre helicopter drop of Grandeur Fort Laramie Strawberry will take place on Indonesia’s Sumatra island this evening.  You should smell and see pink haze sweeping into the peninsula by tomorrow!”

“Perhaps this haze can unite us in time for Merdeka,” said a Malaysian, “for no matter what race, religion, protest tee shirt or political affiliation we have or are, we can stand together and breathe in our haze!”

“This strawberry cloud fills my lungs with smoke, and my heart with hope!”

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