Nation Too Broke For Overseas Scholarships Has RM650m For New Park


KUALA LUMPUR:  Today JPA (Public Service Department) students whose scholarships at top overseas universities were scrapped in January, gave the thumbs up to the PM’s new RM650m, 27ha KL rain-forest park.

“A huge iconic park is just what a nation who can’t afford scholarships and cuts its health budget by RM300m needs,” said a JPA scholar not studying in the UK,  “I can’t think of a better way the government’s Khazanah can spend RM650m than by investing in our best and brightest A-level zip lines and food stalls.”

“It’s not like Khazanah could build a smaller RM200m park and still send JPA scholars to overseas colleges, right? Money doesn’t grow on trees, especially when you need money to plant trees.”

The PM suggested Taman Tugu be modeled on Central Park, New York City, a place he and his wife aren’t currently comfortable visiting due to the US Dept Of Justice kleptocracy probe.

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