Dr M, Anwar Not An Official Alliance Until They Dance Together, Expert Suggests

AG Anwar

KUALA LUMPUR:  Today political expediency analyst Abdullah Bin Bakar told Malaysians not to get too excited about the symbolic gesture of Dr Mahathir shaking the hand of his longtime adversary and former deputy Anwar Ibrahim, suggesting it was too early to suggest the two were working together.

“These former foes, have found their political interests aligned in their fight against the PM and his National Security bill, but all they did after 18 years was shake hands and speak privately in the courtroom chambers.”

If politicians find themselves confronted with someone they should be enemies with, political watchers suggest you try not to get photographed before the photos go viral.
If as a politician you find yourself awkwardly confronting someone you’re officially enemies with, it’s best to cut the encounter short to avoid embarrassing photos appearing online.

“Perhaps if a video is released of Mahathir and Anwar  dancing together like our independent Attorney General did with BN Ministers, then can we could conclude Mahathir and Anwar have a working relationship.”

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