Pen-Pineapple As Annoying As Pen-PetroSaudi Deal, Malaysians Say


MALAYSIA:  Today Malaysian netizens admitted the annoying Japanese techno song mind worm ‘Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen’ was almost as infuriating as the Prime Minister’s own viral hit ‘pen-1MDB Petrosaudi offshore payment.’

“Like when I think about the stalled 1MDB investigations, every time I see that stupid DJ Piko-Taro, I just want to punch something,” said an enraged netizen, “weather it’s pen-apple or pen-Najib’s signature on suspicious offshore transactions, FB is driving me crazy.”

However, fans of Kazuhiko Kosaka have defended the Japanese entertainer, saying his annoying song will probably fade off our screens in a few weeks, while the impact of the PM’s pen-1MDB signatures will be felt much longer than that.

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